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Special Project

- Suwarna Prashan Shibir on every month pushya nakshatra day.

- Diabetic Clinic on every Thursday.

- Geriatric Camp Every year.

- Special consultant available for Diseases like Psoriasis, Paralysis, Piles, Fistula, Cataract and other chronic diseases.

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  • An Enriched library alongwith well equipped Digital/E-library having Broadband Internet Connection.
  • It has separate reading Room33.
  • It is eqwuippeed with 16,710 books,15 periodic journals and 6 daily news paper.


  • It has approximately all types of sports facility including Cricket, Badminton, Volley ball, Carom, T.T.,Handball, Chess etc.

Herbal Garden

  • A well developed herbal garden having 8000 of land.
  • Garden has 200 species of medicinal plant.
  • Total number of plants is 2100.
  • Green House

P. G. Activites

  • Post Graduate course starts from 1990-91 till today. Number of students got postgraduate degree and giving excellent performance and their services in academic and clinical field.

Other Activites

  • CME, Seminars, Workshops, Discussions, Presentations, Lectures, Medical Camps are the regular activities Organised for U.G. and P.G.Students.